Dear Friends,


The band known as Whinestopper—because you can’t whine when you are making music—has ended its run. From our first shows in 2010 through our most recent performance, at the 2021 Central Ohio Folk Festival, the members of Whinestopper have had a blast bringing you songs, laughter, and a generous share in our deep friendship among each other. It’s possible that we made history by being the first four-piece band ever to conclude its contribution to the music industry in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana without ever having had a single argument. Together with you, we have celebrated, sung, laughed, sweated on hot stages, shivered at chilly festivals, and grimaced a time or two. We’ve planned, rehearsed, and hauled gear in and out in the service of making the world safe for, well, whatever it is when musicians do their beloved thing in sync with amazing fans. Thank you for your faithful support and camaraderie!


We conclude the Whinestopper story with peace in our hearts, gratefulness to you, and a desire to make music as the spirit moves us. You may see us playing music together in some combination, as we remain the best of friends


Carry on!


With love,

Charlie, Patrick, Renilda, and Teresa

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