Whinestopper is a Columbus, Ohio based band that is noted for its unique mix of music genres including folk, ballads, songs of the swing era, as well as sing-along favorites.  The band was aptly named as it reflects the sentiments of the band and those that listen.  The musicians include Pat Casey on accordion, Renilda Marshall on bass, Charlie Flowers and Teresa Schleifer on guitars.  All band members sing (often at the same time too).  
Each in the band have played and performed for many years and have introduced songs and a meld of styles that make Whinestopper original.  Ultimately, they just want to have fun when they get together and play, and very little is off limits when it comes to picking material. 
So whether Charlie is singing and finger-picking his way through a classic like "Ain't Misbehavin' ", or Teresa and Renilda are sharing a haunting folk duet, or Pat is spinning a tale while adding his talents on the accordion, it is likely that the audiance will connect and sing along.
Whinestopper is looking forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming performances, and if curiosity has gotten the better of you, there are a few videos on You Tube. Just type in the word Whinestopper once you get on the You Tube web site and there they are!!!  Tara Hall is a favorite and regular venue for Whinestopper.  Check the calendar for the schedule.

Whinestopper has a CD available, so check it out and feel free to contact us or sign up on our mailing list

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